March 19, 2012

Snickerdoodles and Goldendoodles

I remember the first time I ate a Snickerdoodle. Gosh, early's 80....when I was two years old, late 20's or so.  I remember that I could never remember the name of them, and until I actually saw the name in writing and I could visually see it.  Snickerdoodle.  Funny name for really awesome cookie.  For whatever reason, I really don't ever buy them, despite how good they are.  Anyhoo, I decided to branch out past the peanut butter or chocolate chip cookie, and give them a try.  The pretty topping, I never understood how you could do that.  Not. Rocket. Science.

So, I found these delectable Snickerdoodles.  I can't begin to describe how soft and lovely and amazing these are.  I ate 2 or 3 within the first few minutes, 2 or 3 before the night was out and 2 or 3 before the next day was done.  They taste as good warm as they do at room temperature. I also feel like since they don't have any chocolate in them they are essentially calorie free.  If that is not true, just keep that nonsense away from me.

They are easy peasy to make and all of the ingredients are staples in my house. Definitely a staple in  my cookie book.  If you also wonder how my cookies are perfectly baked and browned and all of that good stuff, I use a nicely seasoned Pampered Chef Large Round Stone.  The only problem with these cookies is when I say "Snickerdoodle" I think of a Goldendoodle. And I want one.  So cute and fuzzy and adorable and loveable. 

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