April 8, 2012

Happy Easter to all of my Peeps

I love Easter.  I've mentioned it before, all of the pastel colors just make my heart sing.  I've been to Bermuda two times.  I love Bermuda....all of the pastel colors, the homes, the water, just everything.  It's all so calming.  I should spend my next Easter in Bermuda.  Pastel overload.

I have many issues;  one of them is not knowing when to stop blinging up things.  I overbling.  I already posted here, my love for aprons.  If you scroll down a bit, on this page you will see a cute white apron, with an even cuter bunny on it....well, I overblinged it this weekend.  Actually, I love it, but again, I love bling.  Want one for your kitchen fun?  Email me and I'm sure we can work something out!
Super blingy apron

So last night, I teased my Facebook friends with the promise of some tasty Easter treats.  I kept it real and fulfilled my promise.  But let me tell you a little about my day.  I wanted to have a some toast prior to the big brunch so I wouldn't eat everything in sight.  This is how my toast turned out:

Sad burned toast

Made me a little insecure, but the third time was the charm (and the fourth).  Mmmmm....toast.

So then onward to the eggs, all 30 of them.  Big ol' batch of scrambled eggs.  I remember hearing at one point don't put egg shells down the garbage disposal.  I always do, one or two, maybe 3 or 4, but never 30.  Until today.  Next stop?  Walgreens for some Draino, while Hub is on the floor dismantling the pipes and garbage disposal because I had backed it up.  I get back and he has a horrified look on his face, while holding a handful, plus of egg shells.  How many eggs did you use???    Uh, 30?  Given that he is going to be the Super Duper Repair Man for our dream bed and breakfast, I felt like it was good practice, especially given that our guest were coming in less than an hour. 

Crisis diverted, thanks to Hub.  Okay, now the good stuff....Creme Brulee French Toast, Sticky Pecan Upside-Down Baby Cakes, Scrambled Eggs with Cheese and Sausage.

Creme Brulee French Toast, with Raspberry Compote and Blueberry Compote

The Creme Brulee French Toast was easy to make and I was able to make it the night before.  It was interesting to me.  Very creamy tasting but the bottom was caramelized, almost too much.  But I suspect that was my baking, not the recipe.  Everyone loved it.  And they knew they were "tasters" for this recipe and it got rave reviews.  Expect to see it at the Bed and Breakfast.  The compote was fresh raspberries and blueberries.  Apparently, taste wise, they weren't needed, but it sure does dress up the photo.

Now on to the Sticky Pecan Upside-Down Baby Cakes. 

A+, Heaven and a Must. Have. Every. Day.  

These muffins are indescribably good.  I just had another one for dessert.  The inside is cake like, not dense at all.   The topping is nice and gooey and caramelly caramel like, and just so friggin good.  I made these in jumbo muffin tins, but you could make them in normal size ones as well.  Next time I am going to make them in mini muffin tins.  I can envision a nice cake platter, with a clear top, filled with mini goodness, known as  Sticky Pecan Upside-Down Baby Cakes, when you check into our dream Bed and Breakfast, you pop one in your mouth and the rest is history.  Repeat customers and lots of referrals.

Such a lovely Easter brunch. I ended the morning, filled with good food and the love of family and friends. I finished the day out on the water with Hub.  Life is lovely in my world.


  1. Lovely! You and all of your treats!

  2. So glad your husband was able to fix it! Our's bit the dust two years ago on Christmas Eve - started leaking water all over the place so we had to disable water to the kitchen sink. Made it to Lowe's with 5 minutes to spare to get a new one and spent the rest of the evening installing it!

  3. Jen, it's always something....

  4. Yup...egg shells are terrible in the disposal...so are potato peelings, cooked spaghetti (all jammed up!), lettuce, and loose tea leaves...ugh! Been there, done that. Thanks for visiting my blog~