April 22, 2012

Have a Safe Trip and Hurry Home!

Nothing says "Have a Safe Trip and Hurry Home!" to my husband like a nice warm batch of cookies from the oven, with extras to send with him on the trip.  He is traveling this week so I thought I'd bake some of his favorite cookies for his night time snack and a reminder of what is home waiting for him.  Chocolate chip cookies.  Easy Peasy, Sneezy.  You'd think.

Attempt One looked like this: 

Note to self:  When you sift your dry ingredients together,  don't set the bowl in a place you've never set it before, as you will forget to add it to the dough.  Even if you have made this recipe a gazillion times.

What did I learn?  (aside the above note?)   When you put butter and sugars in the oven, they instantly melt.  I actually knew that, but seeing it happen before my eyes...wow, what a sight.   Husband was trying to clean it, but not before I had to take a picture!

Attempt Number Two looked like this:

So not what I was envisioning...but when you take the mess from attempt one, rinse off the chocolate chips and walnuts and remix the batter, the chocolate chips melted when mixed.  Whatevs.

Attempt Number Two looked like this on the wire rack:

Jeepers, how hard can it be to make some cookies?  Apparently very.

Did the taste good?  Sure, not the best, but edible.  Will he take any with him for week?  "I'm not  sure" he says.  (and yes, I purposely made them more to my liking and not his...sneaky, right?)

Our idea at our dream bed and breakfast is to always have homemade treats available and warm cookies at night.  Thank goodness I have 4 more years to practice.

Have a good giggle, I did.  :-)


  1. haha they look yummy anyways and I've done all three of those many times! :)

  2. If I was a guest at your bed and breakfast, I would eat from any batch of cookies that you make as long as they are not burned because they came from loving hands. Another really neat thing that you might try at your bed and breakfast, offer a bowl of free candy where the guests pay for the bed and breakfast stay. I find it very enjoyable to be able to take something for free from a bowl while I am paying for being a guest. Thank you for sharing your cookie story. Indeed, it would be a pleasant thought to be driving home and thinking of fresh warm cookies waiting.

  3. Ha! We all make mistakes baking, no matter how seasoned we are.

  4. I'll have to send you my chocolate chip cookie recipe. You hear the Hallelujah chorus!