May 19, 2012

Garage Sale Finds Make Me Happy!

I love garage sales.  It's no secret.  Always have and always will.  I love when I am in the kitchen in the morning, drinking my coffee and watching the sun raise and my husband comes in from his morning workout in our hood and excitedly tells me...Honey!  Let's go, I saw at least 4 garage sales.  Best husband ever.

So today I am going to show off some my finds.  I am focusing lately on kitchen and baking things and for that perfect item for the bed and breakfast.

First item are these adorable sets of glass storage bowls.  Five glass bowls, with tops that not only match, but actually fit...and no cracks or chips.  Roosters and Sunflowers, both bright and cheery.  I can store things, or I can mix small things.  $10....probably a bit pricey for a garage sale, but definitely unique and nothing I have seen before. 

Next up, red ceramic bowls in a pretty rod iron thingy.

I can picture some blueberry compote in one and strawberry compote...lots of possibilities.  Or just a home for my loose keys and change.  $3.00  Bargain!

This is Copper.  Copper is one of our rescue dogs.  He's 1.5 years old.  When he was about 4 months old and living at his foster house he got bit by a copperhead....his fantastic foster mom, heard him right away, grabbed him, sped the vet, and viola, he survived.  I. Love. Him.  Point of the picture....Copper is laying on a one of my garage sale finds....a UT baseball jersey...$10.  Our son was giddy.

It was quite the successful morning.  What does this have to do with baking? has to do with gathering fun stuff for the bed and breakfast....and Copper will be at our bed and breakfast, hopefully not using the jersey at a pillow.


  1. Copper is so cute. Didn't know you had rescue dog(s) ... I love meeting special folks with kind hearts like you. And having pets in residence at a B&B can be so nice for all ... definitely for us animal lovers making the B&B a very homey visit. Do you think you will have a "pet friendly" policy for guests traveling with their own pets?


    1. Robin, We are kinda nuts about animals....5 dogs, ranging from 120 lbs, down to 6 pounds; 3 are rescues; 2 cats, 11 and 17 is rescue. Hub and I have talked alot about if we should allow pets in our bed and breakfast (aside from ours). I am taking the time now to gather information and get input from inn owners. :-)