October 31, 2012

Chocolate Nut Cookies

We all know that I love garage sale bargains.  One of the best finds so far was an estate sale.  When I walked into the house, it was clear that NOTHING had ever been thrown out and EVERYTHING was laced with love.

I am just so happy and have chills every time I look at this recipe book. It belongs to a lady named Mimi, but all of the aprons in the house for sale, which I could tell where homemade had "Nana" on them.  
All throughout the book Mimi (aka Nana) does menu planning and carefully writes out each item, down to the ice tea and sliced tomatoes.

When I got to the letter C section - “Cakes, Casseroles and Cookies”, I thought I had died and gone to a bakery heaven.  

I love family and the idea of Mimi/Nana taking the time to write out all of her recipes (like the “olden” days) was just so lovely.  

And the idea of making what she cared about so much and put so much thought into…wow, very cool.


I love the title – “Easy Brownies or Chocolate Nut Cookies.   A multitasking recipe is awesome.

They were very tasty and very rich and chocolaty and I will continue to make them and I will pass on the recipe book to my family.  

I will continue to make her recipes and keep her tradition going.

Happy Halloween!



  1. Precious, if only her family could read your blog about their dear Nana, your words would bring tears to their eyes.

  2. These brownies look tasty-and I love that they're a family recipe!

    Thanks for participating in mine and Whipped Baking's Cookie Exchange!