June 28, 2012

Joy the Baker....again

I've said it before and I'll say it again and again.  I love Joy the Baker.  She is actually who inspired me to create this blog.  I stumbled upon hers and just felt like it's okay to make my blog my own style, my writing, my pictures, my words, regardless of how lame they might be  :-)  And if I screw up a recipe, it's ok to own it and publish it.  Been there, done that

She came out with her cookbook in the Spring and I pre-ordered it and when it arrived, I was so happy.  I've been watching her blog to see where she was going to be do so some book signings...mainly in California.  Then one day she announced she was coming to Austin. OMG!

The signing started at 7 and I showed up at 4:30.  It's just who I am.

So awesome!

Adorable bookmark with her kitty on it.

Joy and I!  Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Thank you, Joy, for coming to Austin.  You are lovely.  Thank you also for these Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes.  Very delicious!

June 24, 2012

Peach and Raspberry Cake

I started out my day by setting out three sticks of butter and dozen eggs, not knowing how they were going to end up.  It was a wonderful weekend, full of family, guests and surprise visits.  So I went full on baking mode.  Without thinking, I baked The Best Ever Chocolate Cake, again. 

Weekly staple in our house.
But guests need variety, not everyone LOVES chocolate, so I baked some Snickerdoodles.  Again. 

I love how pretty these are. 

I knew were going to head out early for a day of fishing with my favorite fishing guide, which meant no time for a hot breakfast, so I whipped up some Easy Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Bread.  Again.  

Mmmmmmm.....bananas and chocolate  

So after baking these three beauties in a couple of days, I still had not baked anything new to me.  Hence, the butter and eggs set out.  I definitely noticed the lack of worry and panic while baking things I was familiar with. 

So spent my Sunday morning pursuing my Pinterest page looking for something new.  Mental block.  So I went and did what I do best....layed out in the Texas sun for 3 hours.  I love the sun.  I flipped through gossip magazine and cooking magazines.  Score!  I found, compliments of The Baking Sheet, Blackberry Cake.  I liked the idea of it. I am liking the idea of baking something that could be a dessert AND a breakfast

I didn't have any blackberries, but I did peaches and raspberries, so bam.  Peaches and Raspberry Cake.  It's more like a coffee cake consistency.  (think with a nice cup of coffee for breakfast).  Was it easy?  Yes, was it stressful?  Yes.  I baked it for 30 minute, as per the recipe, let it cool, got ready to get a nice piece for Hub and it wasn't cooked fully.  So I popped it back in the oven for 20 minute.  Nope, still not done...twenty more minutes.  Note to self, buy a thermometer to check the accuracy of the oven temp.

So after an extended period of baking, it's done. Viola!

It's definitely tasty, but jeepers, not worth the cook time....and it's still a teeny bit gooey.  I've got other recipes that are easier and less time consuming (and very tasty).  Good thing I'm testing all of these recipes *before* we open our bed and breakfast!  :-)

June 20, 2012

Can't get enough flowers! Oh and some beach, too!

It's that time of the month and I don't mean that in a bad, crabby way.  It's time for Vee's Note Card Party! 

The problem for me this month is I can't pick just 4 pictures...so there are 7.  Stop at four or keep on looking!

Good morning Cozumel

Good night Cozumel

My rose colored life

My very own flowers


Simple periwinkles that glow!

So very velvety.
Next month, I'll try to stick with the rules.  Thanks Vee!!!!